Fleur-De-Lis Academy's Visual Arts Classes


1 - 3 pm

Come see artwork created by our talented students over the past year, including their classroom mural. Instructor Grant Johnson will make a short presentation on his teaching methods, answer questions about the program, and lead a tour of the classrooms and artwork on display.

New sessions start March 14th and will include our established Drawing from Observation course, as well as Comics Creation, a new and exciting offering. These classes are designed for students in Middle and High School, but all interested students and parents are encouraged to attend.
Fleur Visual Art is responsive to our community, and we will build new courses around the interests of that community, including courses for younger and older students.


New! Comics Creation

This course meets for two hours each week over an 8-week session starting March 14th. Students in grades 6-12 are welcome. Focus is on development of characters, narratives, and fully inked and colored comic book pages. The instructor, Grant Johnson, has many years of experience working with students to bring comic books to life, as well as professional experience as a comic book inker.
Projects will be finalized so they can be printed and/or shared online, as students prefer.
Exact meeting time(s) will be set in response to student interest.

Likely slots include 6-8pm on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday.


CURRENT CLASS SESSION: Drawing from Observation

Class meets  Monday or Wednesday from 6p.m. to 8p.m., for 8 weeks.        

Instructor: Grant Johnson

Enrollment limit – 8 students

Class meets Monday or Wednesday from 6p.m. to 8p.m., for 8 weeks – a total of 16
hours.  First class is Wednesday, January 7, 2018. The next session starts in March.
Enrollment limit – 8 students per section. Enrollment minimum, 2 students. If either
section has only one student by January 1, that student will have the option to join the
other section.
This 8-week course focuses on drawing from direct observation of still life, landscape,
architecture, and figures. Students will work with the instructor to select and arrange still life
objects that they will carefully observe and draw with a range of materials, from charcoal
and graphite to colored pencil and pastel. The class will also venture outside the classroom
to draw the buildings and landscape of the Mellwood Art Center. For figure drawing,
students will begin by taking turns posing for each other in short sessions. In the final week
or two, as schedules permit, drawing students will sketch Fleur de Lis dancers in the studio – a
unique opportunity afforded by our setting at the Fleur de Lis Academy.
This course is designed for students in 4 th grade and up, and will accommodate a range of
abilities, including those who have no drawing experience. Students who have made
drawings, paintings, or other 2D images in the past are asked to bring 2-3 examples of their
best work to the first class session to share with the group. The instructor will note the
developmental stages of the students, and activities, assignments, and expectations will be
adjusted appropriately.


A drawing board for use in the classroom will be provided for each student. The following supplies must be purchased prior to the first day of class:

3 'Ebony' Pencils

A box of 12 square charcoal sticks

3 paper-wrapped black charcoal pencils

1 paper-wrapped white charcoal pencil

A set of at least 12 colored pencils

A set of at least 12 soft pastel sticks (*note – these are not oil-based pastels.  The term 'soft' refers to pastels that are made from compressed pigment without an oil binder.)

1 large kneaded eraser

1 white plastic eraser

3 paper blending stumps

1 artist's chamois cloth

1 razor-type hand-held pencil sharpener

1 sandpaper block for sharpening charcoal pencils and pastels

1 roll of artist's tape

1 container that closes securely and is suitable to carry all of the above supplies to and from each class session

**Note that some of the 'consumable' supplies listed above may have to be replenished during the run of the course, depending on how quickly a student uses them.

1 large masonite sketch board (big enough to accommodate an 18” x 24” drawing pad)  This is for the student's use at home.  A sketch board will be provided for use at Fleur-De-Lis, so that this item does not have to be carried back and forth.

2 - 18”x24” newsprint pads

2 - 18”x24” white drawing paper pads with spiral binding and a pre-perforated edge

**The masonite sketch board and one each of the 18” x 24” pads of paper are to be kept at home for students to complete homework assignments and use for their own drawings.  Usually, homework will be photographed and uploaded to our Dropbox folder for review, so that large items do not have to moved to and from the classroom.

19”x 12” spiral bound, pre-perforated white paper sketch pad.  **Note: the sketch book must be brought to each class, and is not to be left at Fleur-De-Lis.  The instructor will use the sketch book to communicate with the student and her or his parents, and it is expected that students will fill the sketchbook with drawings, notes, clippings, found objects, collages, etc, during the course.  Keeping this visual diary is an important skill and habit for any aspiring artist to develop.