Fleur-De-Lis has an Agreement form that our students/partner parents fill out to register for class, and update each year. It explains the philosophy of Fleur, the year-round classes and tuition, closings, and other important aspects. All information will be kept confidential.

All students in group classes (Musical Theatre, Tap, Dessert Theatre, etc.) sign up for a monthly recurring payment plan for tuition. Your first payment will be done via an invoice emailed to you from Square, our payment software. That invoice allows you to add your card (debit or credit) for the future monthly automatic payments. 

Students taking private lessons: Your payment options are: Pay the day of class each time or go on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly automatic payment plan.

Workshop participants: Payment in full by the first class day or be invoiced and pay in full by the Wednesday before the 2nd class day.

Fleur-De-Lis merchandise can be purchased at the Fleur Store.  Keep up with the schedule here.

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Monthly group classes are charged at the beginning of each month. Choose your preferred day. This does NOT apply to the Workshop. See selection farther down the page.
If you are taking a private class choose one payment option. All payments are by automatic charge.
Choose how to pay for the Workshop. Payment can be invoiced for you to pay online, or you can pay by cash, check or card the first day of the workshop.
I, the undersigned, unconditionally release and discharge Fleur-De-Lis Academy LLC and its faculty and staff, directors and volunteers from any and all liability arising from, related to, or connected with any injury, illness or damage caused by, or resulting from, or sustained in the course of my child/children's participation or my participation in classes, performances or other activities conducted by or associated with Fleur-De-Lis Academy DBA. I hereby attest that this Waiver of Liability is provided voluntarily and shall be fully binding upon my heirs, next-of-kin, executor, administrator and/or personal representative. Type NAME and DATE below:
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Fleur-De-Lis Academy Policies
Part A -Tuition: -Tuition is due monthly through our automated payment system for group classes. Private classes must be paid either all in advance at the beginning of the month, every class or bi-weekly. The monthly, and bi-weekly payments must be set up as autopay. The every week payments can be set up in the autopayment system as well. -Tuition will be withdrawn on the 1st-5th of each month – you choose the day. - Late payments will have the following fees associated with them: • Between the 6th-15th: 15% • Between the 16th-25th: 30% • Between the 25th-31st: 45% IMPORTANT: Musical theatre training is a year round activity due to the specificity of the craft. In order to provide the highest quality training for your students, Fleur-De-Lis is a YEAR ROUND SCHOOL. Group classes with monthly tuition are the same regardless of the number of class days in a month. Tuition is calculated as the total for the 12 month year, divided by 12. This way, each month’s tuition is the same, no matter how many class days are in a month. Tuition is not pro-rated. If you choose to not participate during a month or a semester we REQUIRE written notification of discontinuation of classes. If we do not receive written notification at least 30 days in advance you will be charged for the next month's tuition. Notification forms are available online. Ask your instructor for the webpage and access code. Part B -Attendance: Consistent attendance is a HIGH priority. Failure to attend classes limits student's growth, confidence, and success. If unable to attend class notify Barb Cullen via text or voice mail 502-500-1131, or email Absences will not be pro-rated. If your dancer misses class they can schedule a make up class. If you decide to take a month or longer absence, fill out the advance notice form available at the studio. Part C-Performances: Fleur is thrilled to offer professional quality performances to all of its students regardless of age or level. Performance is an essential part of every student's progression. It is our goal to provide our families with top quality professional venues, tech crews, and choreography. We ask that parents support Fleur and its students by encouraging friends and family to attend and purchase tickets. Please make participating in a Fleur-De-Lis performance a high priority. Part D-School Dates: The school semester and holiday dates usually but not always align with the JCPS school schedule. Our yearly schedule is July-June. In the case of inclement weather please check the school website or our Facebook page for potential closings. You will NOT be personally contacted. We will not always follow the JCPS closings. Cancellations will be decided by 2:00pm and posted at the above places. If classes are canceled due to weather Fleur will provide the opportunity to make up classes. Part E – Communication: In its partnership with parents and students, Fleur strives to communicate as often as needed and clearly. An important means for conveying information is through emails. You must read and respond to emails for important information. We also use the texting service Remind. You can follow the public Fleur Facebook page, Instagram, and find information on our website, All musical theater questions contact Barb ( and 502-500-1131. Any ballet related questions direct to Ariadne, Founder and Artistic Director ( 502-777-3551. Any items payment related (tuition, leotards, merchandise, etc.) email the School Administrator ( I agree to the Fleur-De-Lis Academy policies and that my typed, electronic name and checked boxes on this form are my official signature for the purposes of the Fleur-De-Lis Academy Registration/Agreement form.
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