The Purpose of life is to find your gift.
The work of life is to develop it
The Meaning of life is to give it away
— David Viscott

Our vision

We at Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory come together to support the rising generation in discovery, cultivation, and delivery of their unique gifts through a true arts conservatory education.   It is our belief that the arts are an invaluable part of any community as they reveal the human in humanity.  Through providing professional arts education in the formative years we aid the next generation of professionals, not only in knowing themselves in mind, body and spirit, but having a depth of empathy to also understand their global family.

 We exist to serve our community through student centered, professional children's education.  We believe that arts and academics are not separate, but symbiotic partners in creating international citizens through experiencing the fulfillment born out of pursuing a dream into fruition.  It is our belief that within each child there exists greatness and our educators' purpose is to hone in on that potential long enough that the student sees it in themselves, propelling them onto the life they wish to create.  Through combining academic excellence with pre-professional arts education we become an inclusive environment for the creative child and pave a future together.  


For the professional child

Our community heralds an abundance of talented youth.  Many are already on the road to becoming professionals in their field and some are currently working in their craft.  We believe that students should take advantage of the opportunities afforded them in our bountiful professional arts community and will make make every opportunity available to support them in their endeavor.  If these opportunities occur during the school day there is the possibility for these to be considered an internship thereby warranting an excused absence.

Additionally, within the conservatory, students will prepare and perform frequent exhibitions and productions.  Students will also work with professionals in the field to aid resume building, portfolio presentation, video auditions, websites, as well as mentored preparation for local, regional, and national audition opportunities.


The Academic houses

Greek Mythology is rich with gods and goddesses but none were as influential on humanity's development as the Nine Muses who were created to give inspiration, knowledge, artistry and music to the ancient world.  As such we have called upon three of them to guide our academic houses which will be the cohort base for our students.  Calliope (muse of song), Thalia (muse of theater), and Terpsichore (muse of dance) title each of the houses to host students in academic grades 6 through 10.  

Our faculty consists of both professionally-licensed teachers and real-world professionals in a variety of fields, including the core academics of English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Our teaching style will be a mixture of traditional teaching and collaborative/project-based learning. Besides the core subjects, students will have the opportunity to choose from a number of electives, including business, foreign language, and technology. Fridays will consist of Socratic Seminar style learning with a focus on global citizenship and responsibility.  Students will graduate from FDL Conservatory fully prepared for their post-secondary opportunity, whether in a university setting or in the career field of their academies.


the artistic academies

Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory consists of four artistic academies:  music, theater, visual arts, and ballet. Students will submit application materials and audition (as required) to be considered for a specific academy. Although students will have a primary academy there will be opportunities for cross-training to aid in being well-rounded and well-prepared artists.

Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory believes whole-heatedly in creative collaboration and exposure to many perspectives on the road to becoming a professional.  As such we encourage our students to continue their training outside of the Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory day as well as take advantage of community master classes and performances when available in order to keep their horizons broad and our community vibrant.



As a private, independent school, Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory does not receive state or federal funds for its students, which allows us greater freedom in the educational choices of every student. As such, we are dependent on the tuition and fees of our student body for our day-to-day operations.  Learn more.


Into the future

Make no mistake, Fleur-De-Lis Conservatory exists to create artists who are working professionally and profitably in the world as performers and creators. The world of artistically-influenced careers is very broad, however, and our students will be uniquely prepared to enter a number of fields. Click here to see a short list of careers that our students could pursue after graduation.


Please be sure to check out our FAQ.  For questions and inquiries please contact  We look forward to connecting with you!