Ballet Class Levels and Rates

Class placements are determined through teacher evaluation. Please contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation. If there is a class that is closed or you do not see a time that fits your schedule, please contact us for alternatives.

Some classes are full. New Classes Starting Soon.  Please contact us for information.

After your complimentary class, go to for the Ballet Registration page. Your complimentary class instructor will provide you with the passcode needed to access the registration and payment information.

Petite Fleurs elementary—Ages 3-4

Tuition: $65 a month
Uniform: $35, one time purchase
Schedule: Once a week—

Class 1 - Willows: Mon 5:15–6

Class 2 - Dogwoods: Tues 5:15-6

Class 3 - Gingkos: Fri 12:30-1:15

Class 4 - Sycamores: Sat 10-10:45

This class focuses on the utter joy of dance and the freedom that comes from moving to music!  Students learn the basic ballet positions and vocabulary through songs as well as participate in student led creative movement activities.  We also focus on the stories of the classic ballets both through story time and video excerpts of the professionals.


Tuition: $80 a month
Uniform: $35, one time purchase
Schedule: Twice a week—

Class 1 - Sapphires: Tues 5:15–6 & Sat 10-10:45am

Class 2 - Rubies: Fri 5:15-6pm & Sat 11–11:45am

Your dancer will continue to learn the essential building blocks that will lead to future success. Concentration, focus, and listening as well as teamwork exercises are enhanced. The vocabulary of ballet is introduced through song and simple barre work. Floor movement is begun, including polkas, pique turns, pas de chats, echappes, grand jete. Students work on movement memorization and doing combinations of steps with and without guidance. There is story time where the imagination is stimulated as students imagine themselves acting out different characters, and video excerpts of the professionals where dancers begin to recognize the music from the famous ballets, the stories, and the pantomime used in classical ballet. And free dance, where your dancer begins to reveal to us the inner artist and creator, learning how to perform.

Petite Fleurs advanced—Ages 5-6

Tuition: $100 a month
Uniform: $35, one time purchase
Schedule: Twice a week —

Class 1 - Summer Fairies: Mon & Wed 5-6pm

Class 2 - Winter Fairies: Wed & Fri 5-6pm

Class 3 - Autumn Fairies: Thurs 5-6pm & Sat 10-11am

Class 4 - Spring Fairies: Thurs 5-6pm & Sat 11-12pm

In the advanced level of Petite Fleurs the concentration remains on self expression, rhythm, and musicality.  More vocabulary is introduced and students continue to participate in student led creative movement activities.  Students continue to be exposed to more of the classical ballets through stories and video excerpts of the professionals. Additional vocabulary is introduced as the students take their first steps at the ballet barre and ensemble style dancing becomes a new focus.

Milieu Fleurs Elementary—Ages 6-7

Tuition: $120 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase
Schedule: Twice a week—

Class 1 - Alices: Tues & Thurs 5–7; Includes one hour jazz class on Tues and one hour tap class on Thurs.

Class 2 - Odettes: Wed 5:15 - 7:15pm & Sat 10-12pm. Includes one hour jazz class on Wed and one hour tap class on Sat.

In our first level of our intermediate division we move into the foundations of true ballet technique with enhanced discipline and heightened focus. Although creative movement exercises are still incorporated it is now utilized to cultivate the student's musical and rhythmic understanding.

Milieu Fleurs Intermediate—Ages 9-10

Tuition: $120 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase
Schedule: Three times a week— Giselles: Mon, Wed & Fri 5:30-7:30pm. Includes one hour tap class on Mon and one hour tap class on Wed.

In our second level of intermediate classes students continue to increase movement vocabulary, understanding of musical dynamics, and co-ordinated ensemble style dancing.  The focus is on laying a strong foundation for working together as a corps, understanding patterns, and building physical strength.  Additional styles may be introduced here including introductory modern dance and pre-pointe with teacher approval.

Milieu Fleurs Advanced—Ages 10-13

Tuition: $150 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase
Schedule: Three times a week —

Class 1 - Juliets:  Mon, Tues 6:30-9:00pm & Sat 1:30-3:30pm. Includes one hour jazz class on Mon, and one hour tap class on Tues and tap or jazz on Sat.

Class 2 - Coppelias: Wed, Thurs 6-8:30pm & Sat 11:30-1:30pm. Includes one hour jazz class on Wed and one hour tap class on Thurs and one hour jazz on Sat.

In our final level of the Milieu division students complete their movement vocabulary and strive to finalize their technical foundations in preparation for more advanced work.  All of the prior preparation in earlier levels is for the tremendous right of passage in the ballet world: pointe work.  At this level ladies may be eligible to transition into pointe shoes and gentlemen begin their preparations for pas de deux with specialized men's classes.

Milieu Fleurs Beginners—Ages 12–15

Tuition: $100 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase
Schedule: Tues & Thurs, 7:30-8:30                                                                       

Our Milieu Beginners are a very unique class offering at Fleur.  There are many young dancers who for a myriad of reasons did not have the opportunity to begin dancing until a later age.  We believe these dancers deserve the opportunity to learn ballet as well.  This class is a beginner level for those young men and women who may be in need of a later start to this beautiful art form.

Grand fleurs Elementary—Ages 13–15

Tuition: $225 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase
Schedule: 4 times per week — Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 6:00-8:30pm. Includes ballet, pointe, and modern.

In our advanced level students truly begin to have the professional experience.  With multiple classes every day we focus on the connection between technique and artistry.  Traditionally at this point in a dancer’s development their technical foundation is in place and the merging of the physical aptitude as an expression of poetry is the focal point.  Although there is always growth in technique it is because of the attention upon the artistic expression rather than in sacrifice of it.

Grand fleurs Intermediate—Ages 14–16

Tuition: $225 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase                                                                                           Schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 4:30-6:30pm. Includes ballet, pointe, jazz, pas de deux, and modern.

Our Grand Fleur Intermediate level is a continuation of professional exploration focusing on increased complexity in choreography and technical understanding. 

Grand fleurs advanced—Ages 15–18

Tuition: $225 a month
Uniform: $45, one time purchase                                                                                                 Schedule: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 6:30-9pm. Includes ballet, pointe, pas de deux, and modern.

In our final level the concentration becomes preparing students for the possibility of a career. With an emphasis on advanced pointe work, artistic fullness, partnering, and technical fortitude this truly is an intensive level, aiding students to fulfill their greatest potential within.  This graduate level offers classes where students experience dancing the great dances of our heritage as well as advisory sessions on future aspirations.  At the completion of this study our students are fully prepared to pursue a career in whatever field they choose, including conservatory, collegiate, or performance tracks.

Men's classes-Ask About special rates for ballerinos! 

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