Fleur-De-Lis Presents -

NEW CubanMix and flamenco fusion Dance Classes!



Fleur  is offering five different art-forms of Cuban dances during the week! You can learn Cuban Salsa (Casino); this is a particularly a great class if you happen to or desire to dance socially in the Latin world. Rueda de Casino (a form of Casino where partners are constantly changed). This class would be best described as a type of Cuban “square dance” but it is actually danced in a circle, commands are called out by the instructor and there is a partner exchange, a lot of fun!! Rumba which is a traditional African-Cuban dance based on the poly-rhythmic beats of the Congo drum. This is a beautiful type of dance that brings out the very seductive and playful attitude of the dancer. Flamenco is a folkloric dance that involves a powerful professional art form of dancing that incorporates handclapping and finger snapping as well. And last but not least, Afro-Zumba! This is a high energy workout that gives a twist to the upbeat dance workout of Zumba and adds in folkloric African movements, guaranteed to make you sweat! Remember, there is no experience or any partner needed for these classes!

Instructors: Selen Wilson Guerra and Lina Sanchez


Mon 7-8pm  Traditional Cuban Salsa (Casino)

Mon 8:10-9:10pm  Rumba

Wed 7-8pm   Flamenco

Wed 8:10-9:10pm   Rueda de Casino

No partner necessary!


Sat 10-11am   Afro Zumba

Sat 11:10-12:10pm   Flamenco 


Sundays 12pm-1:30pm  Ladies Team 




This is a flat fee that gives you access to ALL the Adult Latin classes throughout a month. The drop in rate is $10/hour. 

Private lessons are available! Rate is $60/hour or a block of 4 lessons for $200.

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