Fleur-De-Lis Academy inaugural acting classes!

1: Beginner - Advanced Acting Class

This class is for everyone, ages 12-18, from advanced student to beginner. This class is designed around the Stanislavski and Boleslavski Systems of modern acting. Through various exercises students will work on: Concentration, Memory of Emotion, Dramatic Action, Characterization, Observation, and Rhythm, progressing into scene and monologue work. 

By the study of Acting, students will begin to think critically, exercise problem solving skills, and most of all, listen to themselves and others and develop their skills of understanding and communication.

Starts: TBD

Cost: $150 / month

Taught by: J Barrett Cooper  (Barrett's Professional Background)

2: Introductory Acting for Ages 7 - 11

Through a series of group games and exercises in this introductory level acting class for 7-10 year olds, the students will be exposed to several of the concepts inherent in acting, such as using your body, working together in a group, and finding and using focus – all to tell the story.

Although this sounds dryly academic, this class is anything but dry or academic. The emphasis is on fun and all the lessons learned are learned on the sly.

To the outside eye, this class will appear chaotic, rambunctious and slightly anarchistic. The games – fast moving and constantly changing – make sure that no child is left behind!

There will be a snack break half way through the class.

Days/Times: Saturdays 10am - noon

Starts: February 10

Last class of session: May 5

Cost: $100 / month

Taught by Alec Volz (Alec's professional background)

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